The best tools for the modern realtor

Tools for Top Producers

We’re technology junkies and love testing and trying new apps and products to make sure our agents are always in ahead of the curve. Below are some products that we have vetted and can recommend.

Tools don’t make the Realtor.

But still, a Realtor needs his tools & resources. Having the right tools and resources can help you work more effectively and efficiently, in turn allowing you to help more people and provide a higher quality customer experience. We’ve personally used everything on this list and can truly recommend them.

CRM’s (Contact Relationship Manager)

Pipedrive CRM

See your pipeline laid out in front of you. It’s an easy to use straight forward CRM that excels at what it does. Get 2 free months using the link below. Starting at $9/mo.

Follow Up Boss

Never lose another lead again because you couldn’t respond fast enough. Respond Faster, Do More Follow Up, Set More Appointments, Close More Deals.

Content Marketing

Keeping Current Matters

Free 14 Day Trial – Bilingual blog and educational content and social media branding for only $19/mo.

Lead Generation

Bold Leads

Seller targeted landing pages and PPC targeting on auto-pilot including a innovative CRM. Starting at $99/mo.

Market Reports

Area Pulse

Beautifully simple and informative market reports. Can be used to auto-generate simple market reports instantly. Starting at $0/mo.


Blue CMA

From the creators of AreaPulse, BlueCMA offers beautifully simple and informative Comparative Market Analysis’. Can be used to auto-generate simple CMA’s instantly. Starting at $0/mo.

Web Hosting


Hands down the best WordPress site hosting company. At $29/mo it’s definitely not the cheapest but it’s the best host all around for speed, security, ease of use and the support is amazing. Click below for a special offer of 20% off your first months hosting.

Financial Apps

Quickbooks Self-Employed

This is the best tool out there for agents to track their finances easily and not get caught in tax trouble. A great feature is the mobile app that also beautifully tracks your mileage, allowing you to easily keep your mileage up-to-date, which means more savings when tax time comes.

Starting at $5/mo (if paid annually) it’s really a no-brainer, although we recommend signing up for the bundle that includes TurboTax for only $12/mo.

You’ll thank us later. Click the link below to save 50% off for the first 6 months.