This one text will get you sellers.

Did you know that on average, texts are read in under 5 seconds? In fact, one third of adults would prefer a text message over a phone call.

This one simple text is a great way to touch base with past buyers and determine if they have any interest in selling:

“Hi (name), checking in.  Your home’s value is up / there’s a shortage of homes in your area’s inventory!  Had any thoughts on selling this Spring/Summer?

Drop this line in the water and you’ll be amazed at the number of responses you get.  Even if the answer is no, you just reminded your past client you’re there to help.  Worst case scenario, they say “who is this?”. Shame on you for letting them forget about you!  Time to get a follow up plan in place and this is the perfect place to start.

Pro Tips

  • Send this text as a video message.  Bonus points if you use a group text app or CRM to blast this to the appropriate segment of your database.  If you’re as organized as you should be, you can specifically identify homeowners that purchased 5-7+ years ago.
  • Use this in conjunction with a Facebook seller campaign with a custom audience of past clients.  Make a video explaining why now is the time to sell (seasonal, home prices, inventory).  You’ll find some will even direct message you on Facebook.
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