The First Gmail Assistant Made for Realtors


If you’re like me, you most likely have had trouble staying on top of all of the important dates that come with a real estate transaction. Not to mention keeping everyone else updated and not going crazy trying to keep all of the files, emails and contact info for each deal in one easy to access location.

I also don’t jump for joy when I have to sign up for another service that requires another username and password that I have to log into.

Then I stumbled upon something magical.

Something created especially for real estate transactions.

Folio by Amitree is an amazing little Google Chrome extension made specifically for Realtors to help them keep their deals organized. Folio integrates beautifully with Gmail to give each transaction a little sidebar area that keeps track of everything pertaining to that deal, automagically.

It puts all the details like the people involved, the timeline of important dates (syncs to your calendar and your clients too) and even all of the files and attachments.


Each transaction in Folio comes with its own beautiful timeline that you can share with clients


Now considering the importance of the documents and information that we are trusted with every day, I take security and privacy very seriously.

I had two major questions that they addressed in their FAQ’s page, that I have placed below:

“How does Folio make money if it’s free?”
Folio is a free product for agents to use with as many transactions and clients as they like. Amitree makes money when your clients elect to take advantage of its concierge services, like getting home insurance and installing cable. You can turn these services off anytime on your settings page, and still, use Folio for free.

“Is my information secure?”
Amitree hosts your information on our secure infrastructure which runs on Heroku and Amazon, industry leaders in providing security services for thousands of companies you know and trust. These companies are deeply invested in providing a secure infrastructure and have invested tremendously in doing so.

Click here to install the Folio for Google Chrome extension

For more info from Amitree about their Folio product click here:

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