Check out this Seller Info and Walkthrough Form

Sellers are unique and delicate creatures to approach.  It’s not easy being brutally honest while remaining sensitive to their pride of ownership.

This guide is here to ensure every decision the seller makes is a process of self-discovery and awareness.

Here’s a breakdown of what it is and how to position for success with your sellers:

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Every good listing description should sound more like a love story.  This is where you’ll get your sappy material.  Get a first-hand perspective of why an owner would love living in this home and a better idea of how the seller’s needs have changed over time.

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This is where we do a walkthrough with the client as if they’re a potential buyer seeing the home for the first time.  This is where things get honest.  Although they may need to be guided towards the light, this needs to be a session of self-realization based on the data you’ve provided and the homes they’ve seen.

It will never be effective if you can’t pull that off.

5 being the best, let your client self-discover the property’s condition room by room.  The fillable section is for noteworthy features and items that may need to be addressed before listing.  Also, use the “To do” section for both realtor and seller tasks. Accountability goes a long way in maintaining a win-win relationship.

Before filling this sheet with your seller, take them to see every comp in their neighborhood.

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End on a good note and let them gush over all the things that make their home great and unique.  Of course there are features that should be highlighted, but we all know you don’t get back what you spend, regardless of thorough your paper trail is.

Congratulate them on their great taste but set the correct expectations.

Click here to download the Seller Info Checklist.

Enjoy and go get ’em!

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