Finding Pre-Foreclosures using Realist

One of the most rewarding aspects of real estate is being able to help people when they need you most.  This rings true more than ever for people with a risk of getting their home foreclosed.

This is a painful and worrisome experience and you’re just the pro they need to minimize the sting.  Use Realist to identify pre-forclosures and offer a helping hand to homeowners that need your services more than ever.

Keep in mind, they’ll be bombarded by everyone offering a “quick fix” so your content will need to have stopping power.  Use a combination of area targeted Facebook ads, direct mail, and door knocking to cover all ground and keep your hero image and text consistent across all platforms.

Be genuine and come from contribution and it’ll show.  Plus, have area specific data to back you up so you can set clear expectations when talking DOM and price.

Time is of the essence so get on it.  They’ll thank you, and your business will too.


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