Need sexy (free) listing infographics?

If you’re looking for some good looking material to win over a seller or charm buyers, is about to make it really easy for you.  Best part is, it’s FREE and branded specifically to you!

It’s as simple as typing in any U.S. address and they’ll take over from there. It’s fast, easy, automated, and makes it ridiculously simple to share over social media or print.

Here’s how some of our agents are using it:

  • Print content for listing presentations
  • One click publication to social media once you win the listing
  • Blow the high res images up and put them on a poster board during open houses
  • Have the infographics scrolling on a computer/tablet during the open house
  • Print these out and put them in the flyer box

Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself.  The only limitation is your imagination. Here’s what it looks like:

Default image
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