Frequently Asked Questions

We take training and education serious and have built our whole brokerage around it. We hold live weekly trainings in the office and at least a bigger training event held at an off-site location.

On top of the live training we're also always publishing training videos, tutorials and content to our office website.

We also offer 12 in-depth CompleteAgent courses that are available to our agents on our amazing learning management system that our back office site is built around.

You know it, and it's a great way to get some skin in the game when you plan to spend some time in the office.

We field the traffic for you and transfer buyers with no agent, potential sellers, and all walk ins.  Of course all sign calls go to the listing agent if they're with our office, otherwise that lead is all yours.

You can reserve your block in BackAgent under the resources section.

Here's how it works:

You can book as many time blocks as you'd like but you'll be limited to one at first. If you plan to reserve additional sessions you can do so within 12 hours of the upcoming shift becoming available.

Ex:  It's Monday and you just finished your property time block.  You want to book the 8am session for Wednesday.  With the 12 hour window, you would be able to reserve this additional session any time after 8pm Tuesday.

This way we can keep one person from blocking the whole week yet give everyone unlimited opportunities to participate.


We LOVE getting you paid at the closing table!  Help us help you!

Upload and submit your transaction 2 business days before closing and we're pretty much guaranteed to make it happen.

Remember, our most important job is to protect you and your license so we need time to thoroughly comb through your paperwork and make sure everything is squared away.

Once approved, we'll send a copy of the CDA (Certified Disbursement Authorization) to both you and the title company.

Happy pay day!