Disaster and Renovation FHA Loans

The devastation from Harvey has left many looking for a solution for their housing needs.  In these times, we need to leverage our expertise and know what we can do to help the community as a real estate pro.

Check out these two FHA programs that may be exactly what a Harvey victim needs.  Obviously you’ll want to talk to your lender for more details but this will give you an overview of what is required.


203 (h)
Mortgage for Disaster Victims

  • FHA (disaster loan)
  • To help anyone located in a president/FEMA designated disaster area
  • Must have been directly displaced or impacted
  • Must have a letter from FEMA or proof of insurance claim
  • Photos always help
  • 100% financing, 0 down payment
  • Buyers, home owners, or renters
  • Must apply within one year of area being declared a disaster area


203 (k)
Renovation / Improvement Mortgage

  • Buyers and owners to finance both the purchase of the house and the cost of repairs
  • Buyers (not only first time) and owners looking to refinance
  • Owner occupants only
  • Home must be at least one year old
  • Cost of improvements/repairs – at least $5,000 and up to full reconstruction (if there’s foundation)
  • Improvements include: Structural, modernization, eliminating health/safety hazards, going green, plumbing, floors, roofs, gutters, etc.
  • Down payment is 3.5% of purchase price + repairs
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