Mac Tutorial – Quick Searches and Tools with Spotlight

By Spencer Logan | September 21

Promoting a Testimonial

By Spencer Logan | September 21

Promoting testimonials are a great way to share positive experiences with future clients and…

Disaster and Renovation FHA Loans

By Spencer Logan | September 13

The devastation from Harvey has left many looking for a solution for their housing…

Mac Tutorial – Creating Multiple Work Spaces

By Spencer Logan | September 12

Mac Tutorial – Fill/Sign PDFs

By Spencer Logan | September 4

Mac Tutorial – Splitting/Combining PDFs

By Spencer Logan | August 14

The Realtor’s Complete Guide to Targeting First-Time Homebuyers on Facebook for Only $5 a Day

By Spencer Logan | July 22

I’m going to walk you through 3 proven First Time Homebuyer Ads and show…

Mac Tutorial – Removing Photo Backgrounds

By Spencer Logan | July 2

Mac Tutorial – Find Files Quickly with Smart Folders

By Spencer Logan | June 27

8 Steps to Make Your Listing Descriptions Irresistible. And Not Cheesy.

By Spencer Logan | June 9

Not only is a lively property description good for your seller, it’s guaranteed to…

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