Overpriced Listings: The Only Time You Should Take Them

By Spencer Logan | April 19

So you get the listing appointment, work your charm, present your case, and even…

Create Interactive Quizzes to Generate Buyer & Seller Leads

By Spencer Logan | April 2

Online quizzes and calculators have recently become very popular and are surprisingly effective for generating…

The Top 10 Free (Or Close to Free) Ways to Generate New Business For Realtors

By Spencer Logan | March 22

If you’re a new agent or stuck in a rut, this post is for…

The Top 10 Free Blogging Tools That Will Make Your Real Estate Blog Better

By Spencer Logan | March 5

Blogging is a powerful tool for lead generation and an absolute necessity for a…

The Modern Realtor’s Guide to Holding Open Houses (That Actually Work)

By Spencer Logan | March 1

How I Know Open Houses Work Being in the business since high school, I’ve…

The 5 Step Follow Up Method For Turning FSBOs Into Listings

By Spencer Logan | February 26

Why Are FSBOs Awesome? Because 100% of FSBOs have an immediate desire to sell…

The Top 10 Best Practices For Dominating Your Geographic Farm Area (+1 Bonus Tip)

By Spencer Logan | February 21

Geographic farming aka hyper-focusing on a specific area is in my opinion, THE best…

7 Low-Tech Ways To Jumpstart Your Pipeline That Any Agent Can Do

By Spencer Logan | February 15

The following strategies for generating leads are all pretty low-tech and don’t require you…

The Top 6 Best Lead Magnets For Real Estate Agents & What Makes a Good One

By Spencer Logan | February 7

So, all us modern real estate professionals know the importance and value of an…

The Total Newbie’s Introduction to a Real Estate Comparative Market Analysis

By Spencer Logan | December 14

People need a Realtor that knows the market, can analyze data, and help them…

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