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Overpriced Listings: The Only Time You Should Take Them

So you get the listing appointment, work your charm, present your case, and even after all the data the seller wants to knowingly overprice their home. What do you do? Do you take it? Is it worth the stress and blemish on your reputation? Before you bail, know there’s a solution that’s a win for…

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Create Interactive Quizzes to Generate Buyer & Seller Leads

Online quizzes and calculators have recently become very popular and are surprisingly effective for generating huge amounts of leads online. (The quiz embedded below is the same quiz that this tutorial covers.) It’s as though people love interactive and engaging content. 🤔 Did you hear that sarcasm? If you’ve been following CompleteAgent for awhile you know that…

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The 5 Step Follow Up Method For Turning FSBOs Into Listings

Why Are FSBOs Awesome? Because 100% of FSBOs have an immediate desire to sell their home. They’re practically raising their hands for help. This on top of the fact that are 5 possible sources of income that come from FSBO relationships, making it one of the best lead generation sources. FSBO Sources of Income Sell…

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