Professional Standards

By signing below, you agree to abide by the following professional office standards and handle your real estate business in a professional manner.

  1. We abide by the NAR Code of Ethics.
  2. The client’s interest ALWAYS comes before our own.
  3. We return calls promptly.
  4. We present ALL offers.
  5. We put ALL properties on the MLS and ensure that the seller has maximum exposure and the opportunity to receive the maximum amount of money for their property (unless the seller instructs otherwise, in writing).
  6. We highly discourage intermediary whenever possible. We recommend partnering with another agent and negotiating the commission split.
  7. We frown upon complaint calls from other agents that are not getting responses on offers or clients that are unhappy with an agent’s service.
  8. We take pride in having professional agents with high-standards of service in our office.
By submitting this form you agree to the terms acknowledged above.